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If you're overweight or obese, permanent weight loss is something that you want more than anything else. It's not much fun carrying around a lot of weight, is it? In your dreams you imagine what it might be like to be slim and to be able to do what everybody else does. It seems such a far off aspiration sometimes, but it is possible to achieve permanent weight loss. It is possible to get rid of all those unwanted pounds.

Permanent weight loss is not something that you see being trumpeted around by those selling diets, diet pills or diet potions. There's a very simple reason for this. Diets don't deliver permanent weight loss. If you want short-term weight loss, then that's fine...but who wants that?

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Unfortunately, we live in a world where instant gratification is seen as a right. Whatever you want you can have - within reason. Food has become a means of achieving this. The result is that we have over-indulged, and the evidence of our bad habits is what we carry round our middle.

The secret of permanent weight loss doesn't lie in going on a diet, it is about making change. Most people go on a diet and never address what made them overweight in the first place. They don' change anything. The result is that they will always be overweight - regardless how many diets they go on. In fact the more diets they go on, the more fat they will accumulate!

To make successful change you need to increase your self-awareness. In other words start to notice your bad habits. These bad habits are what make you fat. Get rid of them and learn new habits, new slim habits, and permanent weight loss is possible. Once you have committed to make change you have the possibility of opening up a whole new life: a new slim life, one that is free from diets.

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