Fast Weight Loss Can Be Achieved With a Positive Mental Approach

A positive mental approach is extremely important when it comes to achieving successful weight loss. Negative thoughts can and will hold you back from achieving your goals of fast weight loss. Once this positivity has been attained it is only a matter of time before you start to benefit from fast weight loss and it will be a lot easier than you ever imagined possible. Please allow me to give you an example.

If you close your eyes and visualize yourself I would like to bet that the mental picture you have of yourself is one of a fat person, and that is why you struggle, or are unable to lose any weight, I wouldn't be surprised if you look at the person you are visualizing in your head and hate that person. Don't be afraid or upset about feeling like that, it is perfectly normal and is how many people visualize themselves, and not just about weight issues either.

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The trick is to change the way you view yourself, imagine if you saw yourself slim and dressed in clothing designed for thin people; the positive impact it would have on your goal of fast weight loss would be amazing. Your attitude and your mindset will either make or break your weight loss goals, and we will now look at ways to develop a positive mental attitude.

As you know, fast weight loss cannot be achieved overnight nor should you expect a sudden eureka type transformation of your mental attitude, so give yourself some time and allow these changes to be incorporated into your life slowly!

1. Your Reasons:

Why do you want to lose weight? Why is it that you are driven relentlessly towards losing weight? Are you fed up of the taunting and the ridicule from your workmates or complete strangers, or maybe it's because you want a figure like Jessica Alba? Or is it because you are getting turned down for dates or maybe you're not even being asked. Whatever the reason is, you need to write it or them all down. You need to be completely honest with yourself and no matter how stupid you may think the reason sounds or how big or small it is it needs to be noted.

Now go get yourself some Post--It-Notes(r) stickers and jot down your listed reasons on them, and make many copies of them. Now the fun part, you need to stick these Post--It-Notes(r) in every conceivable corner of your home especially the fridge and cookie jar and anywhere where temptation rears its ugly head. What you are doing is reinforcing your desire to lose weight by using a forced suggestion method as a trigger to stop you eating un-necessarily or things you shouldn't be eating.

2. Motivation and goal setting:

You need to set some realistic goals for yourself and in order to do that you will need to know what your ideal weight is for your height, you can do this by using a BMI Index chart which you can find on Once you have your ideal weight you need to subtract your current weight from it and the remainder is what you need to lose. Now, if look to realistically lose no more than 2 pounds a week you need to divide the total weight you need to lose by 2 and you will have the number of weeks required to reach your ideal weight.

Once you have done this it is time to get motivated, and for this you again use your list of reasons. If for example the main reason is because of taunting you receive from colleagues at work why not do something drastic like having a bet with one of the main instigators or if it is because you want to have a figure similar to a celebrity you like, post pictures of that celebrity around your home with current pictures of yourself alongside. As stated motivation is about how you perceive yourself and if you can perceive yourself to be a winner, a fighter and thin you will be all three.

On a final note, I mentioned that 2 pounds a week should be your expected weight loss each week, but there are fast weight loss plans that do work on a consistent basis and not just for the first two to three weeks, as is the case with most plans. These programs use a calorie shifting plan that enables you to continue eating well and still lose weight quickly. To find more information about these methods visit the sites at the bottom of this article.

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