Weight Loss Study Reveals the #1 Secret to Losing Weight

A recent study in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine analyzed the psychological characteristics of people who successfully and unsuccessfully completed a 4-month weight loss program. The main factors related to weight loss failure included these six areas:

1. A high number of recent dieting attempts

2. More stringent weight outcome evaluations

3. A higher perceived negative impact of weight on quality of life

4. Lower self-motivation

5. Higher body size dissatisfaction

6. Lower self-esteem

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The proof is in the pudding: in order to change your weight you must first change your mind. How you feel emotionally makes all the difference in the world, and this study proves it. The people who struggled to lose weight insisted on beating themselves up for falling off the wagon, they bounced from one diet to another or started off with a horrible body-image, and who saw their body as ugly, horrible and something to avoid at all cost.

Further, when participants didn't see immediate results and bounced from diet to diet over the four month period, most found themselves in the exact same spot as when they started. What this study proved is that having stringent expectations for quick weight loss, is actually detrimental on your weight loss results compared to successful participants.

So what's the secret to seeing weight loss. According to this study, if you want to win the weight loss game, you've got to start with learning to think thin within.

How do you do that? The first thing to begin doing is to begin by celebrating you today. Finding positive thoughts about who you are, focusing on the beautiful parts of your body as well as falling in love with not just how you look on the outside, but the incredible gifts you bring to this world is at the forefront of seeing weight loss success; and this study proves it. Remember, your self-esteem is hinged on this fact and the more loving compassion you bring to your daily weight loss efforts, the faster your weight loss results.

The work begins with your mind. You can manage your positive mental thoughts and actions each and every day, but you can't predict that you will see a five pound weight loss by the end of the day, nor should you set your mind and emotions up for that type of letdown. Set yourself up for being successful by being in the moment, and positive results will come naturally. By developing your brain to think loving, to think thin, and to honor your self, the better the weight loss results you will have.

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